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Uta Ulrich
Gammelby (D) 2nd ed. 2011, 192 pp., 27×21 cm, hardback
Text: German
Wherever areas of bobbin lace are to be structured, we need grounds and fillings – in modern lace and just the same in samplers. Although one can use old grounds or can think out new ones for oneself, it is easier to look up which grounds are available and how they look when they have been worked and then to make them following diagrams and text.

And it is also conceivable that you will suddenly be faced with questions such as: How does one work a torchon ground? Triangular ground? Slavic ground? What is a rose ground? A honeycomb ground? Or a Dieppe ground? For many years now we have wished for a reference book in which also the ordinary simple grounds are shown.

This gap has now been filled by Uta Ulrich's collection with a total of 448 grounds! She has made a systematic study of the structures of bobbin lace grounds and presents here a selection which can serve both as a reference work for not so experienced lacemakers and a rich source of ideas for advanced workers. The collection contains, e.g., 132 different rose grounds!

For all the grounds there are photos of the lace, brief instructions for working and a working diagram. At the end of the book there is a list of the more common names of the grounds in which their names in other languages (English, French, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and Italian) have also been included.