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Christine Mirecki
Leezen (D) 2009, 64 pp., 29,7×21 cm, hardback
Text: German

Christine Mirecki presents us here with a collection of over 30 useful modern patterns in Milanese lace.

At the beginning a number of typical Milanese braids are shown, each with a working diagram and illustration. The patterns which follow make use of these braids in many attractive and colourful combinations. Little hearts, a large and varied selection of edgings for round and oval mats as well as round, oval and square mats made entirely of lace. In addition, there are several elegantly curved application motifs, lace edgings, a curtain and three colourful scarves.

Traditionally only the braid contours are given in Milanese lace patterns, the placing of the pin holes and the choice of stitches being left to the lacemaker. Christine Mirkecki knows that there are lacemakers who would not trust themselves to work like that. So she has provided working diagrams which may also be used as lace prickings. Even the problems encountered in narrow curves and corners are solved in the working diagrams. You can make photocopies of the "prickings", put them together and start lacemaking straight away.

The wide choice of patterns, the use of coloured threads and the exact working diagrams are sure to be precisely what many lacemakers are looking for.

You can find an English, French, Danish and Italian translation of the text in our download area.