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PIZZO DI CANTÙ 7 – Decalcabile
Milano (I) 2017, 30.5×24.5 cm, 42 p.,+10 pattern sheets, booklet
Texte: Italian
The meanwhile 7th part of the popular Cantù series.

There are more than 20 patterns of different techniques among these Milanese Lace and other tape lace techniques, modern bobbin lace techniques and also a torchon lace pattern. But in contrast to the previous booklets the majority of the patterns is now really in Cantù or Rococo technique. And there are many different examples of use as mats, table runners, jewellery, insertions for tablecloths, napkins or curtains as well as edges for doilies and appliqués for household linen and a huge round mat (entirely lace and diameter 150 cm).

As always in this series there are beautiful big esthetic photos. As in the last part there are explications for some details at the back of the booklet (mostly as thread diagrams and explications in Italian language). The lace prickings are included as sheets of iron-on transfers.