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Giuliana Buonpadre
Fiori e colori a reticello
Verona (I) 2015, 80 pp., 24×21,5 cm, paperback
Text: Italian and French

Also available in Italian and English (SKU 1672)
In “Herbarium” Giuliana Buonpadre continues that which she started in “Fior di Reticello” (SKU 635). Whereas there the motifs were still very traditional and colour was used only rarely, here her designs are freer, worked in colour and based on real flowers; they raise the old reticella technique onto a new plane. The rigid rules and forms of reticella are left behind but the technique itself remains almost unchanged.

Presented are projects which Giuliana and her pupils have embroidered. A great variety of stems, leaves, sprigs, flower forms and colours have been put together in different ways to form the motifs. There are lots of tips, notes and explanations about material, colours, order of work; for some elements there are also thread diagrams or sketches. However, the book is intended for advanced reticella embroiderers who are experienced enough to work the projects without the step-by-step diagrams usually provided by Giuliana Buonpadre or who can put their own projects together or even want to develop the flowers shown here further and add to them.

Particularly attractive are the illustrations and photos of details of the work.