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Giuseppa Federici
5° album di ricamo PUNTO ANTICO DISEGNATO con punto reale, punti tagliati e reticello
Monte Roberto (I), 2009, 80 pp., 29.7×21 cm, paperback
Text: Italian
This book contains punto antico designs from the estate of Elena Picchio.

At the beginning of the book the stitches used are explained: the raised satin stitch for the shaded areas, the squared edging stitch for the perimeter to look like drawn thread work, the securing of the edges of the holes which are decorated with reticella techniques. The reticella motifs are drawn in schematically but the method of working them is not explained at all here.

Then follows an extensive section with pattern drawings; some of the designs are also shown as photographs of the finished work. This provides an impression of how the designs can be embroidered. Nor are there any limits to the ways in which they may be used.