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Luzine Happel
Avec instructions détaillées pas à pas et illustrées
Eschwege (D) 2012, 98 pp. + 11 loose-leaves, 29,7×21cm, spiral binding
Text: French

Also available in English (488E) or German (488).
Whitework from the Schwalm also has its history. The typical motifs were worked as early as the 18th century but, at that time, with a rather different embroidery technique. Examples may be admired in museums.

Luzine Happel has studied this early embroidery and has now published the first instruction manual on the subject. It describes the very interesting differences, provides illustrations and includes all the explanations needed to work the patterns.

A main feature of the "old" kind of Schwalm whitework is that threads were not drawn from the fabric; instead the patterning was produced on the surface of the cloth, so to speak as a second layer. Naturally for this purpose and for other details there are innumerable and very varied stitches which are described with many illustrations and explanations. And the early Schwalm whitework is not counted thread work, and so is suitable for all those who do not want to count threads when they embroider.

It is helpful that the author can draw on her many years of teaching experience and therefore knows just where the difficulties can lie and so what must be explained in more detail.

In the appendix there are 7 pages with the contours of patterns which are all based on historical models. They include the motifs described in the instruction section.

A welcome "must" for all Schwalm whitework enthusiasts!