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SKU: 1609E
Luzine Happel
Eschwege (D) 2012, 84 pp., 29,7×21 cm, ring binder
Text: English

Also available in German (1609) or French (1609F).
Schwalm crowns are large symmetrical satin stitch motifs with which the embroiderers from the Schwalm “crowned” their textiles. In the widest sense, they are based on the arbor vitae motif (with or without a bird) which is often combined with hearts and/or tulips.

Luzine Happel too crowns the extensive research work she has done to date on Schwalm embroidery with the two publications in ring binders "Schwalm Crowns" (SKU 1608E) and "Grand Schwalm Crowns" (SKU 1609E).

The amount of material is simply overwhelming: the first volume (SKU 1609) contains 96 “crowns” (some with variations) and numerous little extra ornaments in cross stitch (especially letters, numbers and bird motifs).

Another 66 larger “crowns” are to be found in this second volume.

For each pattern, an illustration and a drawing of the contours serve to guide the embroiderer.