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Kantcentrum Brugge (ed.)
Bruges (B) 2016, folder with 8 pattern sheets and 2 loose-leaf pages, 30,5x21,5 cm
Text: Dutch, French, German and English
It has become an accepted tradition for the Kantcentrum to publish a folder of mixed bobbin lace patterns every two years on the occasion of the OIDFA congress – even though the patterns have nothing to do with the congresses or the places where they are held.

For this year’s OIDFA congress in Ljubljana, for the first time not one but two folders of patterns were published. The one folder (Basic) contains simpler patterns, the other (Expert) is intended more for advanced lacemakers and for those who favour the finer bobbin lace techniques.

The Basic folder contains several Torchon mats, one in Russian tape lace and one in coarse (grof) Bruges flower lace, also edgings for mats in Cluny and point ground lace and a necklace in needle lace.

As usual, knowledge of the relevant technique is assumed. In general, the materials required, the lace pricking and a coloured working diagram are given on the pattern sheets.